Optimize Performance with A/B Testing

Experiment with subject line variations, and let data guide you to your newsletter's full potential.


With Beehiiv A/B testing you can experiment, optimize, and grow your audience with ease.

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Data-Driven Decisions

A/B testing empowers you to make statistically valid, informed decisions based on actual user behavior, not just hunches or assumptions.

Increase Engagement

By testing and implementing the best performing subject lines, you can enhance your newsletters' effectiveness, leading to higher open rates, click-through rates, and overall engagement.

Reduce Risk

By testing changes on a smaller segment of your audience first, you can mitigate the risk and increase the velocity of learning.

Continual Improvement

A/B testing promotes a mindset of continual learning and improvement. By regularly testing, learning, and iterating, you can continuously enhance your newsletter's performance.

How it works

Develop Variations

Create multiple versions of the subject line to compare their performance, ensuring they are distinct and relevant to your audience.

Set Test Parameters

Establish the sample size and test duration that will guide your experiment.

Analyze Results

Assess the performance of each variation and identify the best-performing option.

Implement and Learn

Apply the insights gained from your A/B tests to improve your future sends.

What are you waiting for?

It's never been easier to start earning additional revenue.

Optimize with A/B TESTING

Increased Open Rates

By testing different subject lines, you can determine which variation drives higher open rates, improving overall email performance.

Enhanced reader engagement

By understanding which subject lines resonate with your audience, you can craft more appealing content, increasing the likelihood that subscribers will open, read, and interact with your newsletters.

Data-driven content optimization

A/B Testing allows you to make informed decisions when crafting subject lines and refine your content strategy based on real audience feedback.

“We use A/B testing of each and every newsletter. Without testing you are literally throwing opens down the drain. beehiiv allows us to make sure we are optimising every send.”

Open Source CEO

“The A/B testing feature is a great way to improve your open rate. Headlines are hard, so having the ability to try more than one and let the audience decide is crucial”

Even The Odds

“A/B testing headlines is the turbocharger of my newsletter. It allows me to fine-tune the messaging and deliver the most impactful content to my readers. With every test, I gain valuable insights and ensure that each headline hits the road with maximum performance.”

The Daily Vroom

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Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

Newsletters made simple

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